Classic Sporkman is a webcomic created by John S. Troutman detailing the adventures (and I use the term "adventures" rather loosely) of Sporkman and his associates. This particular run of comics began early in 2004 and continues to be posted (rather infrequently) to this day. Sporkman himself is my oldest character, as I originally started doodling him in various forms back in ninth grade.

You can find an index of previous Sporkman comics here.

Update Schedule

Classic Sporkman has no set update schedule at the moment. It just updates whenever I'm in the mood. Updates would be more frequent, except I have a quixotic obsession with drawing too many projects at once.

What's The Deal With The "Unrevisited" Comics?

In 2011, I began remastering the old Classic Sporkman comics. They were re-inked, re-colored, and re-lettered, making them look as spiffy as possible. Eventually, the entire comic archive will have a single uniform look.

What's The Deal With The "Deleted" Comics?

In the process of remastering the older comics, I will occasionally stumble upon a strip I never finished for one reason or another. I'm restoring these lost comics as I go along, so that the Classic Sporkman archive will be truly complete.

Where Else Has Sporkman Appeared?

Sporkman has a tendency to pop up in my other comic projects. While I don't have a complete list at the moment, he's been known to appear frequently later in Lit Brick's run, as well as in Mary Elizabeth's Sock.