The 'Secret' Origin of Sporkman! (01 of 25)

Date: June 25, 2004

Chapter: Secret Origins

Characters: Amanda, Rob, Sporkman

Originally created in a fit of late night inspiration after work in the summer of 2004, this was the internet's first introduction to the adorable plushie version of Sporkman. Written and drawn only to amuse myself - having toyed with the character of Sporkman since junior high (including a previous, and terrible, webcomic in 2000 to 2001) - this strip led to others, and the series as a whole was eventually published as a regular feature in Keenspot's ill-fated page of newspaper comics.

This particular edition of the strip is the first of what I hope will be many as part of what I'm calling "Classic Sporkman Revisited," which is an effort by myself to re-ink, re-color, and re-letter all of my old (pre-2012) Sporkman comics. Enjoy!

Remastered on August 29th, 2011.

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Classic Sporkman is a comic by Jodie Troutman, beginning in 2004 as a throwaway reboot of the titular character she created in high school. It's extremely silly, frequently stupid, and the comic's creator absolutely loves it. She hopes you do too. For more comics by Jodie, visit!

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