The ‘Secret’ Origin of Sporkman! (23 of 25)

Date: October 14, 2004

Chapter: Secret Origins

Characters: Amanda, Rob, Sporkman

I strongly considered just cutting this strip out of the archives, but here it remains. It relies entirely on "prequel humor" that would've made sense in 2004 but is far too obscure now (in 2012). Basically, in my really old (and rather terrible) Sporkman comics from high school, Rob met the wrong end of an axe and lost his head. Of course, even if you knew this, the comic still wasn't particular funny, then or now. That said, this remastering projecting's purpose isn't to cut anything out of the archives, just to make them prettier.

As an aside, killing Rob is a tradition I continue to this day: he was recently poisoned in my latest reboot, Mary Elizabeth's Sock.

Note that the date I've posted this comic under isn't strictly accurate: this strip was originally drawn on November 14th, 2004.

Remastered on August 11th, 2012.

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