Frozen Love!

Date: November 09, 2004

Chapter: One Shot Wonders

Characters: Amanda, Sporkman, The Fridge

Speaking of "drawing every character in my arsenal," here's Jackie's Fridge, from the old webcomic series of the same name. Long ago, the original, ancient Sporkman series crossed over with Jackie's Fridge, and the Fridge itself somehow ended up becoming part of Sporkman's backstory. A few years later, even though that old crossover was firmly in non-canon territory, I decided to include the Fridge in the Chibi Sporkman comics anyway. I honestly couldn't tell you why.

That said, I'm pretty sure I never actually asked Jackie's Fridge creator B.J. Hiorns if I could use the Fridge here. So, uh... let's just keep this under our collective hats, okay?

Oh, and also of note: this strip's original, 2004 title was "Jackie's Player." I changed it to make the pun less obscure to anyone not reading the commentary.

Remastered on October 21st, 2012.

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