The Elven Myth!

Date: November 10, 2004

Chapter: One Shot Wonders

Characters: Ariana, Sporkman

Ariana is one of the characters that I forgot existed. I mean, she just completely left my brain for over half a decade. She was, in any event, Sporkman's girlfriend in the original Sporkman comics, as well as in the Chibi Sporkman series later on. Why exactly they became a couple is a mystery lost to time, but there it is. On the plus side, their relationship led to me and my friends referring to their potential offspring as "spelfs," which is a concept both frightening and wonderful.

This strip actually had multiple punchlines written for it. It was rewritten the first time because the joke was somewhat limp, and rewritten the second time because I needed a more "family friendly" joke for the newspaper page. The comic above represents the final iteration of the script I eventually posted online. Below I've included the two alternate punchlines: on the left is the "newspaper" version, and on the right is the "original script" version.

Remastered on October 21st, 2012.

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