Test Tube Malevolence! (04 of 08)

Date: December 18, 2004

Chapter: One Shot Wonders

Characters: Andie, The Negaspork

Enter the NEGASPORK. In my vintage 2000/2001-era Sporkman comics (ie, the bad ones), the NegaSpork lived up to his reputation as an unabashed ripoff from "Darkwing Duck," right down to the mask and color scheme. Those high school comics were basically the most copyright-infringingest comics ever.

The NegaSpork here is slightly more original. The name is still an obvious nod to Darkwing's nemesis, but I've done more to make him a unique creation. I think turning his prongs into devil horns was a particularly nice touch. I've also given him a new color scheme, since - surprisingly - I'd never colored the NegaSpork within the comic itself since 2001! For this "new" NegaSpork, I've made his costume nearly a literal inversion of Sporkman's colors. The combination of yellow, orange, and purple looks very "Silver Age DC," which only makes it cooler.

Remastered on December 20th, 2012.

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