The Amazing Sporkman! (01 of 06)

Date: January 10, 2005

Label: Deleted

Chapter: FCBD Spotlight 2005

Characters: Andie, Sporkman, The Gang of Three

And now for something... different. For Keenspot's annual Free Comic Book Day sampler in 2005, I wanted to do something big - something special - that in some way introduced Sporkman to a new audience while simultaneously catering to the comic book crowd. I decided to dig into the history books and create what was more or less a panel-by-panel recreation of "Amazing Fantasy" #15, the legendary introduction of Spider-Man. I was joyously entertained by the final product, but it was rarely seen by anyone online since the story appeared only in that single print issue.

For this remastering project, I've not only done my standard re-lettering / re-inking / coloring, but I've also reformatted the comic book pages to the standard format of the regular Sporkman strips, albeit with two rows instead of the usual one. While this splash page doesn't make that quite as clear, you'll see what I mean in the subsequent five pages. Reformatting it was somewhat?necessary, as I didn't want a tall comic book page to break the site's design.

FUN FACT: I also penciled the cover art for the 2005 Keenspot Spotlight. It was subsequently inked by Steve "Melonpool" Troop and colored by Meaghan "Eat The Roses / Vigilante Ho" Quinn. I lost my original files for it, but here's a not-that-terrible scan of it:

It features Sporkman (obviously), Butch from "Chopping Block," Monica from "Wapsi Square," Mayberry from "Melonpool," and Courtney from "Skirting Danger" (which jerkface Meredith refuses to put back online).

Note that, while the comics weren't published until May, these were the first Sporkman comics I drew in 2005.

Remastered on December 30th, 2012.

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