The Graduidiot!

Date: February 07, 2005

Label: Deleted

Chapter: More One Shot Wonders

Characters: Oedipus, Sporkman

This "deleted" strip was intended (obviously) to follow the previous one, but it got shelved after I'd penciled three of the four panels. Presumably I decided - like some other deleted strips - that it was slightly too risque for Sporkman. On the other hand, maybe I just didn't like it. Either way, it's certainly - in retrospect - on the same level (more or less) as the other Sporkman comics of this era, so here ya go.

As noted above, I never drew the fourth panel back in 2005, so I had to draw it here FROM THE FUTURE. I tried to match the 2005 art style as best as I could, but it still kinda stands out.

Remastered on May 8th, 2013

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