A Morality Tale!

Date: March 06, 2005

Label: Deleted

Chapter: More One Shot Wonders

Characters: Butch, Rob

So, yeah, this comic was DEFINITELY deleted back in the day. It just wasn't very Sporkman-ish. I mean, even today, I wouldn't draw a Sporkman comic this overtly violent. I don't think I'd even draw blood! It's not how Sporkman WORKS. But hey, I'm restoring as many deleted strips as I can, and this one is almost sort of important.

Poor Rob, as you may know, is destined to die in every comic project he appears in. It's his fate, and yet - for all appearances - he never actually died in the chibi Sporkman series. That's because I canned the strip before it ran, even though it was fully penciled and inked. This wasn't just for the aforementioned reasons, but because I also thought it wasn't particularly good either.

In any event, there's one plot hole finally resolved over eight years later. Chibi Rob DID die, you just never saw it happen until now, IN THE FUTURE.

Remastered on July 30th, 2013

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