Behind The Scenes!

Date: January 14, 2013

Chapter: Misnomer

Characters: Sophie, Sporkman

Hello, friends! Welcome to what will hopefully be the first of a long, long run of regularly scheduled Sporkman comics. I decided that 2013 would be the year I gave making Sporkman my "primary" comic project the old college try. Since 2004, these Sporkman comics have only been a side project, largely for my own amusement. Let's see what happens when I actually take it seriously! Well, as seriously as one can take Sporkman, anyway.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Daniel Shive, who is currently showing Sporkman the love over at El Goonish Shive. Thanks for the press, bro.

Also, to any and all concerned about Sporkman's health in this comic, you can at least be comforted by the fact that all the smoke is second-hand. You'll note that his own cigarette is only an unlit prop. Granted, second-hand smoke is still pretty terrible, but Sporkman is also pretty stupid.

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