Con Artists! (02 of 05)

Date: June 12, 2013

Chapter: Misnomer

Characters: Cosplayers, Molly, Nicholle, Sporkman

To be clear, I've no problem with Homestuck or its fans. I have a problem with booth squatters. When an artist goes to a convention, they're there for business. It can be fun, yes, but they're there to work. We put hundreds of dollars of our own money on the line every convention, and our goal is profit and exposure.

If your table is filled with seven to ten of your friends eating lunch and chatting on cell phones, it makes your table look unprofessional and off-putting. This image is then projected onto the other tables nearby, simply by association, which means that your booth full of chattering friends is bad for business. If you aren't at the show to work, then don't get a table at the show. Period.

Anyway, this is all becoming rather deeply cynical for a Sporkman comic. I'll have to make the next one perkier.

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