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Several Long Days In The Emerald City (1)

Date: July 14th, 2023

Chapter: Misnomer

Characters: Sporkman, Molly, Nicholle

For absolutely no reason, the idea for several strips based on my March 2023 visit to Emerald City Comicon appeared in my brain. As such, enjoy what is effectively a sequel to those Phoenix Comicon strips I drew forever ago. And for what it's worth, yes, you have to walk seemingly miles uphill to get to the new Seattle Convention Center. It was so torturous that I eventually started calling a Lyft to take me there.

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About The Comic

Classic Sporkman is a comic by Jodie Troutman, beginning in 2004 as a throwaway reboot of the titular character she created in high school. It's extremely silly, frequently stupid, and the comic's creator absolutely loves it. She hopes you do too. For more comics by Jodie, visit!

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