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The 23rd Anniversary Spectacular (3)

Date: February 2nd, 2023

Chapter: Misnomer

Characters: Sophie, Sporkman

If you're curious about those Earths, obviously just named after dates:

EARTH-2000 is home to my oldest original webcomics, comprising, if you're truly old enough to remember, Sporkman 2K, Basil Flint P.I., Felicity, and Andiewear, among other miscellania; have fun finding those on the Internet Archive.

EARTH-2004, as noted yesterday, was for the chibi Sporkman reboot; I consider that Sporkman to be Sporkman Prime because you're still reading about him, right now, right this very second. That said, he's the ONLY one from that timeline still around (okay, technically Sophie might still have visions of Earth-2004, but I'm choosing to retcon this history as clean as possible).

EARTH-2008 is named for another Basil Flint reboot, Flat Feet & High Heels. The continuity of that actually started with Flint Again in 2005, but that felt less important and too close to 2004 for Earth Namering.

EARTH-2012 is the Prime Earth now. It started in 2012 with Mary Elizabeth's Sock and hasn't actually changed since. It grandfathered in Lit Brick (2010) and obviously this iteration of Sporkman, post-Time Bomb (2008). It also contains Carol, Virginny, and whatever else I end up making. My rebooting days are hopefully long behind me.

There are, technically, more Earths in my head, but they're kind of irrelevant and only I'd care about them. For instance, there's an Earth-1998 wherein lies the proto-Sporkman, who I wrote about as a freshman in high school.

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About The Comic

Classic Sporkman is a comic by Jodie Troutman, beginning in 2004 as a throwaway reboot of the titular character she created in high school. It's extremely silly, frequently stupid, and the comic's creator absolutely loves it. She hopes you do too.

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