The 'Secret' Origin of Sporkman! (07 of 25)

Date: July 07, 2004

Chapter: Secret Origins

Characters: Amanda, Rob

All of the questions Rob is asking in the third panel were never answered, nor do I believe I ever intended to answer them. I decided early on that the comic was better off without Sporkman having a real origin. If you were to ask me where Sporkman came from today, I still wouldn't have an answer for you. He simply is.

Remastered on September 29th, 2011.

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Classic Sporkman is a comic by Jodie Troutman, beginning in 2004 as a throwaway reboot of the titular character she created in high school. It's extremely silly, frequently stupid, and the comic's creator absolutely loves it. She hopes you do too. For more comics by Jodie, visit!

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