Yaaar's Revenge!

Date: February 04, 2005

Chapter: More One Shot Wonders

Characters: Sporkman, The Captain

One thing I love about these 2004/2005 Sporkman comics is the revolving door of random villains. Around this period, Sporkman basically had a new nemesis every day. It lends this series a pretty wide variety of material that doesn't quite exist today (in 2013). In this particular strip, we meet the Captain, who is a pirate-slash-thief-slash-backyard-wrestler. I'm pretty sure this was his only appearance ever.

Remastered on May 6th, 2013

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About The Comic

Classic Sporkman is a comic by Jodie Troutman, beginning in 2004 as a throwaway reboot of the titular character she created in high school. It's extremely silly, frequently stupid, and the comic's creator absolutely loves it. She hopes you do too. For more comics by Jodie, visit longtalljodie.com!

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