The Legend of Sporkman! (03.5 of 04)

Date: December 08, 2004

Label: Deleted

Chapter: One Shot Wonders

Characters: Moblin, Paul McCartney, Sporkman

Clearly Sporkman has been looking through a glass onion.

This deleted strip is something of a disappointment for me, not because it's bad (it's not), but because I deleted it to begin with. In addition to being funny by itself, it actually makes the NEXT strip even funnier.

I never even penciled this comic to begin with. All I have from 2004 is the script, which means that I had to draw this from scratch in 2012. That's actually easier said than done, mind you, because the way I draw Sporkman comics now is different than the way I did it then. The difference is fairly clear if you just click ahead to any of the "Misnomer" strips I drew this year.

As such, I had to force myself to draw worse when remastering this deleted strip. That mostly just involves squashing the height of the characters and cheaping out on the backgrounds, but it's also a bit rougher around the edges overall. In any event, such efforts were mostly successful, and this comic shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb among the other comics with vintage artwork.

Remastered on December 18th, 2012.

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